Cor Capriccio

Cor Capriccio, our new non-auditioned group for children in 2nd through 5th grades is directed by Elizabeth Clifton, early childhood music specialist. The group meets weekly from 5:30 - 6:30pm  in 10 week sessions. They learn songs from a variety of cultures and in a variety of languages.  Cor Capriccio offers many benefits to the young singer.  Each week, they exercise their bodies and minds as well as their voices.  They learn songs to sing but also get a deeper understanding of tonality, rhythm, musical form, dynamics, and general musicianship.  They play singing games and learn to communicate the meaning of a song as well as the notes on a page.  While they sing, they work on such important skills as teamwork and self-discipline.  At the end of the session, they will have an opportunity to share what they have learned in a concert for friends and family!

The latest 10 week session of Cor Capriccio began Wednesday, January 25th at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Poughkeepsie ad will run through Wednesday, March 29th.  The registration form is located at the bottom of this page.  We invite you to send an email to or call 845-853-7765 with any questions you may have.  And please spread the word - thank you!

Members of Cor Capriccio pay $180 tuition per session to participate. Financial aid is available; if interested, plese submit this form.

Registration Form